Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County

Ritual and Religious

Chair: Barb Fidlow and Cynthia Mark Hummel

The Ritual and Religious (R&R) committee reviews and guides the congregation in worship and ritual observances. The committee discusses current practices to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the congregation. Through discussions the committee explores ways to enrich and improve these current practices.

With the guidance of the rabbis, the committee works to make sure that our worship services are warm, welcoming and provide for a deep sense of community. The committee has in-depth discussions regarding the physical set-up of the sanctuary, the use of the prayer book, the impact of the music within the worship service or celebration, and sanctuary etiquette.

It is the charge of this committee to ensure that all worship-related materials and items are available and that our religious observances continue to grow to meet the needs of our congregation. The New Prayer Book and Ritual and Religious Funds are administered by R&R.

Participation in the R&R Committee is open to any congregant. So why do we participate in this particular committee? Are we the most knowledgeable, most observant, or those brought up in the most orthodox families? No. The backgrounds of committee members vary greatly. Participation in the committee is a learning experience and, due to the active discussions, it allows committee members to:

  • Learn to understand Reform Judaism liturgy.
  • Explore ways to contribute to the congregation.
  • Bring varied people together to make worship decisions, contributing different experiences, insights and knowledge.
  • Have input into the worship experience.
  • Thus, if you have a desire to learn about and contribute to the religious experience at Etz Chaim, please join us at our monthly meetings. There are no prerequisites!!

Ritual & Religious Committee meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of the month.