Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County

Junior Youth Group

Leaders: Seth Werlinsky and Laura Birnbaum

JYG Events


What Is Junior Youth Group?

Junior Youth Group (JYG) is an extracurricular organization open to all students in grades 6, 7 & 8 of Congregation Etz Chaim. As a member of JYG, your child will participate in activities that give him/her the opportunity to spend time and build relationships with other Jewish adolescents. Through a variety of recreational, educational and social-action events, your child will strengthen his/her ties with synagogue peers and the Jewish community.

How Is JYG Organized?

The Youth Committee of Congregation Etz Chaim oversees all youth group activities. Events are coordinated and supervised by the Junior Youth Group advisors, Seth Werlinsky and Laura Birnbaum. JYG members serve as officers with responsibilities for some planning and coordinating of events. Communication with JYG members and parents is accomplished via the E-Bulletin and e-mail.

Rabbi Cosnowsky will be advising JYG and participating in some activities during the coming year.

How Often Does JYG Meet?

Meetings and/or events are usually planned various times and months. A weekend retreat at OSRUI is held in November. You must be a paid member to attend. Information about each event or meeting will be emailed to all 6th, 7th & 8th graders approximately two weeks before the event.

Parent Involvement

The JYG advisors welcome ideas and assistance from parents. We will need chaperones and drivers for most events. We will be asking all parents to volunteer some time to help us during the year in order to make all our JYG events fun, successful and safe.


Dues are $25.00 per person.


Co-Presidents- Kara Notarus and Makayla Ray

Vice President – Ivy Lambert

Secretaries – Brayden Anderson and Ryan Sigale

Photographers – Grace Pietrzak, Olivia Scullion, Sasha Zellinger

Kef Committee:
Sasha Zellinger
Ava Pena
Ben Freeman
Eli Levin
Jack Birnbaum
Ezra Lewitan
Alex Schwartz
Maya Eatman