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Congregation Etz Chaim welcomes your generous donations to our many charitable funds that help support our efforts and activities. We give in honor of people, in memory of those who are no longer with us, and to celebrate life-cycle events. 
Your generosity continues to provide for Congregation Etz Chaim by sustaining our programs.   

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*Donations received in the Tzedakah box in the synagogue lobby will go to the PADS Program

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Donative Funds


Barbara Baruch School Scholarship Fund: Provide scholarship money to pay, in part or in full, religious school tuition fees for families who could not otherwise pay these fees.

Building Fund:  Used exclusively to pay the mortgage

Cultural & Social Fund:  Sponsors cultural and social events.

Facility Fund:  Supports improvements to the building.

General Operating Income:  Supports the general operations of the congregation.

Jeremy Bruder Memorial Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarships for OSRUI and the Youth Israel Trips for young people who would otherwise not be able to participate.

Landscape Fund: Supports maintenance and improvements to the building grounds.

Louis & Bettye Kaplan Social Action Fund:  For humanitarian aid locally and around the world and special programs.

Music Fund:  For major musical purchases and special programs. 

Norman Yellin Emergency Aid Fund:  This fund provides grants to members of the community in crisis.

Prayer Book Fund Chumashim Dedication:  Dedicate a Prayer Book in someone’s honor or memory.

Rabbi Cosnowsky's Discretionary Fund: Spent at the discretion of Rabbi Cosnowsky to support worthy projects and help individuals in need

Rabbi Kamil's Discretionary Fund: Spent at the discretion of Rabbi Kamil to support worthy projects and help individuals in need

Rabbi Bob's Discretionary Fund: Spent at the discretion of Rabbi Bob to support worthy projects and help indivduals in need

Ritual & Religious Fund:  For the purchase of ritual items and beautification of the sanctuary.

Robert N. Glass Memorial Library Fund:  For the purchase of books and media for the library. 

Robert Scott Samuels Scholarship Fund:  Provides scholarships to Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute Camp or CFTY Leadership Training.

Ruth Joseph Memorial School Fund:  For special programming and equipment for the school. 

Sophie & Jack Edwards Scholar-in-Residence Fund:  Sponsors the annual Scholar-in-Residence program.

Stu Soreff Office Fund:  For the purchase of furniture and/or office equipment necessary for the function of the office.

Youth Committee FundSupports special projects of the youth groups.