Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County



The SEND-A-KID-TO-ISRAEL PARTNERSHIP (SKIP) program is a special savings plan that helps Chicago-area youngsters visit Israel as an integral part of their Jewish education. Young people who participate in the program for the full seven years (grades 3 through 9) will have approximately $2,000, including interest, saved to help meet the cost of an Israel Experience program. SKIP funds can be used after sophomore year through FIVE YEARS AFTER GRADUATION FROM HIGH SCHOOL (through age 26 for those who were high school graduates as of July 2003). Furthermore, SKIP contributions, plus interest, are FULLY RE FUNDABLE at any time should the youngster not participate in an Israel Experience program.

SKIP GOAL– an Israel Experience program as part of each child’s Jewish education. SKIP funds can be used for your family’s choice of a wide variety of approved high school or college Israel Experience programs.

SKIP PARTNERS- your family, your congregation, and the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago each contribute to the SKIP savings plan.

SKIP ENROLLMENT- enroll in public or day school grades 3-6 and continue to make contributions through 9th grade.

SKIP FACTS- 4,200 participants are currently enrolled in SKIP through more than 51 participating congregations and 1,625 teens and young adults have used their SKIP funds to help them participate in an Israel Experience program.

SKIP INFORMATION – For more information on the SKIP program or enrollment in SKIP, contact Meredith Clifton or the congregation office at (630) 627-3912 or SKIP Headquarters at (312) 444-2895.