Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County

Life Tree Ramblers

The Life Tree Ramblers band is comprised of synagogue members and one rabbi. We have a multitude of diverse backgrounds and we’ve come together as a band to offer a service of music connected by words. Some melodies will be new to Congregation Etz Chaim, others will be familiar. The purpose of the service is to give our congregants another opportunity to worship in song and dance. This is not to replace the way we usually worship, rather it gives us a different flavor of prayer.  
The Life Tree Ramblers' music is a mixture of jazz, folk, Klezmer music and Jewish rock. We carefully selected the different melodies to present a cross-section of the newer and more exciting musical offerings of the Jewish world. Each prayer put to music has its own story and has been selected to awaken your spiritual senses. We invite you to listen, reflect, become inspired and, of course, sing and dance along with us!

The members of the Life Tree Ramblers include:

Guitars: Rabbi Kamil, Sue Leftwich, Cindy Michelassi & Terry Shapiro
Bass Guitar: Bruce Miller
Percussion: Rabbi Andrea Cosnowsky
Drums: Daniel Silverstein