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Wed, 12/11/2013 - 3:09pm -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

Rabbi Andrea Cosnowsky, Senior Rabbi, came to Congregation Etz Chaim in 2005 from Congregation Beth Adam in Loveland, Ohio. Ordained in 2004 at the Hebrew Union College, Rabbi Cosnowsky had been the Student Leader Intern for URJ Outreach Fellows Program for Conversion Certification HUC, and continues her outreach work with the larger community through her work with DuPage United.

Yom Kippur 5778 - “Preparing for Life and Death”

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 11:32am -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

       In Pirke Avot it says, “Reflect upon three things and you will not come to sin. Know from where you came and where you are going and before whom you are destined to give account and reckoning. One who is wise sees the outcome of his actions.” (Pirke Avot 3:1) Maybe it’s because I’m on the precipice of a large number that ends in “0” on my next birthday. Or maybe it’s because - I lost a few good friends this past month - a reminder of the fragility of life.

Rosh Hashanah 5778- The Case for Supporting Israel

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 11:26am -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

          There’s a central prayer in our High Holiday Liturgy called Avinu Malkeinu - Sometimes translated as, “our father, Our King” The story behind the etymology of the prayer is that one year, during a particularly bad drought, Rabbi Akiva was said to have followed Rabbi Eleazar into the ark and recited these lines, showing his praise for God and showing his humility about his place on earth. With his words, the proverbial rains fell and the earth was nourished.

Standing With Israel

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 11:40am -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

When I was seven years old, my Congregation, Greenburgh Hebrew Center, took us to my first march to support the State of Israel. The photo of me holding one end of my congregation’s banner that came out in our regional newspaper, the Reporter Dispatch, sits proudly in my scrap book. At a young age, I marched in support of Israel.

Shavuot Customs

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 11:38am -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

The holiday of Shavuot is quickly approaching. On Shavuot, we say the words, "Z'man matan Torateinu," “time time of the giving of our Torah.” We say we were given Torah at Mt. Sinai, rather than it was received. That is, the Torah was a gift or a Matana in Hebrew. All we have to do on Shavuot is eat blintzes and other dairy foods and receive this holy gift from God. However, the name of the holiday sheds light on what our job is during the weeks that preceded it. 

Passover Questions

Fri, 03/31/2017 - 10:08am -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

The Haggadah tells us that God redeemed us with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm. Following 413 years of slavery and affliction, God sent the plagues to our oppressors, and we were about to leave Egypt. However, the Pharaoh reconsidered his decision to set us free and sent the Egyptian army to annihilate us. This was the first stage of God's redemption.

Benefiting from Bridges

Fri, 01/27/2017 - 1:54pm -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

Last November, we welcomed a Torah from Wheaton College which was donated on permanent loan and placed in our ark. Since that time, we have kept the Torah on display in our ark, and will be using it during the Bat Mitzvah of Willa Fidlow in the coming weeks. Torah scrolls are not meant to be used as museum relics, but rather, Torah scrolls live when we engage in study and use them.

Yom Kippur Sermon

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 1:23pm -- Rabbi Cosnowsky

In 1913, in Berlin, Germany, a young Jewish man. Franz Rosenzweig, had fallen away from Jewish religious practice, like many of his Jewish friends.  Some of them had converted to Christianity, and they urged Franz to do likewise. After all, they lived a modern German Christian world, and Judaism was just a relic of a bygone era that held little meaning for them. Franz agreed. He would convert to Christianity. But he felt that he owed it to Judaism to give it one more try. So when the High Holidays came around, he went to a tiny shul for Kol Nidre services.


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