Principally Speaking, November 2019

I want to take a bit of space in this month’s bulletin article to let you know how thankful I am to be the religious school principal at Etz Chaim. Working with our staff, engaging with the families, and interacting with our students bring me such joy. I am grateful to all of you who help make this happen

Principally Speaking, September 2019

Our entire religious school is learning W.O.W. What is W.O.W.? It’s the Hebrew Word of the Week that teaches us something Judaic. The primary grade students and their families have learned “Ah-rone Koe-desh”, Holy Ark, by means of a puppet show! The intermediate and upper grade teachers share the W.O.W. on Sundays with their classes.

Getting Ready for School

I hope that you are all enjoying the summer so far. Here at Etz Chaim, we are busy getting ready for the new school year. Registration forms are coming in and it’s so gratifying to see the volunteer forms returning (filled out!) as well.