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Call the office at 630.627.3912
Religious School – Marla Friedman
A congregant in the hospital - Andrea Cosnowsky
Death of a congregant or family member - Andrea Cosnowsky
Conversion - Frederick Kamil
Dues/Billing issues - Michele Miller
Scheduling B'nai Mitzvah date - Andrea Cosnowsky
Planning a lifecycle celebration - Andrea Cosnowsky
Scheduling a committee
meeting/event - Carol Meyer
Oneg Sponsorship - Carol Meyer
Schmear and Schmooze
Sponsorship - Jon Berman
Webmaster/Newsletter Editor - Adrienne Mintz
Leadership and Staff
Senior Rabbi - Andrea Cosnowsky
Associate Rabbi - Frederick Kamil
Religious School Principal - Marla Friedman
Executive Director - Carol Meyer
Executive Committee
President Mike Sawyer
Vice President Jacob Cynamon-Murphy
Vice President Elizabeth Gossage
Vice President Lori Stoakes
Vice President Jim Weiskopf
Treasurer Joel Spenadel
Financial Secretary Kathie Bender
Recording Secretary Paul Heinz

Committee Chairs

Committee/Group Chairperson
Brotherhood President – Jacob Margulies
Budget & Finance – Ed Levy
Caring – Renee Gossage Ray
Choir – Barb Tischler
Facilities – Doug Longman
Kitchen Supplies – Susan Hurwitz
Landscape – Mary Hanson
Librarian – Nicole Coover-Thompson
Library Committee – Paul Heinz
Lifelong Learning – Barbara Turner
Manna – Jon Berman & Mike Field
Membership – Sharon Roth
PADS – Meryl Diamond
Planned Giving – Michael Kayman
Post Confirmation Class – Uli Widmaier
Religious School – Jody Freeman
Ritual and Religious – Marcy Siegel
Seniors – Mark Turner
Sisterhood Presidents – Ronni Markwell / Marsha Swetin
Social Action – Marla Gerard
Song Leader – Cindy Michelassi
Ways n' Means – Laura Pietrzak
Youth – Laura Birnbaum / Seth Werlinsky