Covid-19 New Infection Control Practices

Infection control is a top priority. A COVID-19 task force was established with a highly qualified team of individuals including two physicians. The task force met weekly to review and discuss current recommendations. The team’s focus was on the development and implementation of new infection control practices. Our congregation will be following the infection control recommendations made by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and state and local guidelines. We will follow the recommendations of these agencies so that we remain current on any new mandates or guidance that may be issued.

Covid-19 Task Force Information


Updated 1/18/22

Summary of guidelines

  • As cloth masks no longer provide adequate levels of protection per updated CDC guidance, we request all those inside the building switch to one of the recommended masks in the January 14 "CDC update to “Mask Guidelines”
  • We are resuming to-go-neg bags in lieu of in-person onegs.
  • All those who are on the bima will remain masked.
  • The Covid Task Force will meet weekly.
  • Programs and meetings are encouraged to be online.
  • No meals indoors (snack will not be served at religious school, temple tailgate is on hold until further notice).
  • Primary grades will not meet for assembly on Sunday mornings.
  • If you have recently tested positive for COVID, please see Aaron in the office.
  • Continue social distancing and stay 6 feet apart.
  • Please do not come to the synagogue if:
      1. If you have any cold-like symptoms
      2. If you are waiting for results of a COVID test
      3. If you were recently within 6 feet of anyone with COVID for more than 15 minutes.


Updated 11/10/21

During the last COVID Task Force Meeting, a number of decisions were made. Here are the updates you can expect to follow.

  • Masks must be worn inside at all times unless eating or drinking.
  • We will be resuming in-person Friday night Oneg Shabbats beginning November 19.
    • Challah will be pre-cut.
    • You will be served your treats.
  • Food must be served for events, or have pre-made boxes (not buffet style).
  • Temple Tailgate will be moved indoors.
  • Junior Choir will resume.
  • Babysitting for Shabbat services will resume, by reservation only. Reservations must be made on the Shabbat sign up by Wednesday evening.
  • Congregational dinners in the social hall will be allowed. These include the Hanukkah dinner on December 3 and the Chinese food dinner on December 24.


Updated 07/23/21

The Covid Task Force has been meeting regularly, and continues to do so, to monitor the progress of the county, state, and national fight against the pandemic. While we are encouraged by the progress that is being made, particularly in DuPage county, we feel that caution is still warranted to protect our youngest and most vulnerable members of the Etz Chaim community.

To that end:

  • Masks will still be required when in the building.
  • Religious school will be held in person in the fall (details to follow about specific precautions that will be put in place.)
  • Food and drink will be allowed as coordinated with Etz Chaim Staff.

While we are hopeful that these last precautions will soon be unnecessary, we have decided that waiting for vaccinations to be readily available for those under 12 and/or negligible Covid cases in the immediate and surrounding areas would be appropriate.

Lastly, if you haven’t and are able please get vaccinated! 

Thank you for your understanding and compliance,

The Etz Chaim Covid Task Force


Updated 06/28/2021

The following rules and regulations are now in place:

  • General
    • Masks – Must be worn and kept on during all public services, programs, and events.  Office staff can make their own rules with each other.
    • Food –  No open food
  • Numbers
    • All rooms can raise the capacity to 50% of the fire code maximum allowed.
    • Sanctuary maximum is raised to 100
  • Services (and public events)
    • Doors open 30 minutes before services to allow social distanced social gathering.
    • Everyone will be asked to use a name tag. Please take a clean pen and after using, put it in the dirty pens container.
    • Singing (congregants) allowed with masks, with social distancing.
    • During the Hakafot portion of services, we ask everyone to not touch the Torah.
    • Please take a siddur from the usher when you enter the sanctuary. Please return it after the service is over.
  • After Services
    • Onegs
      • Indoor onegs are permitted, but without food or drink.  We encourage socializing with masks and some distancing.
      • Please take a to go-neg bag.
      • Outdoor onegs are permitted with food and drink, weather permitting.  Social distancing will be self-patrolled.
COVID-19 Health & Safety Awareness
If you have any questions about these new guidelines, please contact:

• Jim Weiskopf at

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