Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County

Your Jewish Journey Recap

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 10:12am -- Lifelong Learning

The Shabbat we shared on November 18th was truly a spiritual experience of reflection and understanding of ourselves and of each other.  Some of us were already friends but, by day’s end, we had learned more about each other and had made new friends in the process.  The diversity of our backgrounds included born Jewish into secular homes as well as into Reform and traditional homes, Jews by choice and on the path to conversion.

A sensitive and skilled facilitator, Edna Groves led us through a series of three writing exercises which not only elicited memories but provided ways for us to understand their significance.  The many prompts for each leg of our journey helped us put into words who we are as Jews and what brought us to and connects us to Congregation Etz Chaim. 

Sharing with a partner, then with table-mates and finally, with everyone was optional, but all, including Edna, were happy to participate.

Several congregants had expressed interest in participating in the Shabbaton, but were unable to attend.  If you are someone who wishes to reflect on your own Jewish journey, for the purpose of putting YOUR unique story into words for yourself, loved ones or to become part of the Etz Chaim history, please contact Barbara Turner [email protected] for more information.