Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County


Mon, 01/29/2018 - 2:05pm -- Seniors Group

Meridian Cleansing

Triple Burner/Yin-Yang
Right Hand at Chin, Left Hand at Navel (reverse for females). One Hand moves UP other Hand moves DOWN (down hand always on inside).

Heart Cleansing
Bow and Arrow with squatting, alternate right and left.

Kidney Cleansing
Right Leg out 45 degrees, Scoop hands in a circular motion toward the right swaying the torso as you circle the Right Hand around the Left Hand. Repeat on Left side.

Spleen Cleansing
Left Leg out 45 degrees, Sway arms towards the left side (no need to circle).

Gall Bladder Cleansing
Circle Arms Overhead, sweeping around the skull in opposite directions.

Small Intestine Cleansing
Execute a Small figure eight with both Hands at Abdomen.

Large Intestine Cleansing
Execute a large figure eight in front of the Torso.

Meridian Cleansing
(not covered in presentation)

Liver Cleansing
Start with Right Hand at Chest level, Left Hand a lower Dantian. Press Upper hand forward and Lower Hand back while twisting toward the Lower Hand side. Return to front facing position with Lower hand now at Chest level and Upper hand at lower Dantian. Repeat motion, alternating hand position each time.

Lung Cleansing
Both hands crossed at Lower Dantian. Open hands as if holding a book. Inhale as you raise hands to chest height. Turn palms forward as you spread hands apart until palms face opposite walls.  Exhale as you return hands to Chest height. Lower hands back to original position.

Stomach Cleansing
Both hands start at Lower Dantian with thumb tips and index finger tips touching, palms facing inward. Begin slow clockwise circles around belly button. Inhale as you move upward, exhale as you move downward. After ten circles, brush hands outward at belly button height using a rapid motion.


On January 10th Etz Chaim “Lunch and Learn” followers were treated to a lecture and demonstration of the ancient Chinese art of Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong).  Jack Fried, a 3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a Qigong student, spoke about the meaning and usefulness of this 4,000 year old practice to promote health and long life. After the lecture, Jack lead the group through a series of exercises intended to cleanse various organ systems. Here is a summary of Jack’s important points:

In addition, Jack has provided a copy of the exercises and has included 3 exercises which were not covered during the lecture. If you need additional information, you can contact Jack at [email protected]