Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County

Thank You to Our 2012 Staff

Wed, 05/02/2012 - 12:00am -- Anne Stein

Every year I marvel at our wonderful staff. We have such a unique school because of our volunteer staff. There are none like ours anyplace in the country! We have so many people who volunteer their time each week to help our students grow into informed Jews and help them feel good about being Jewish. This year's teachers who made that happen include:

Flo Appel
Hannah Bender
Kathie Bender
Harry Benson
Henry Benson
Lena Benson
Mike Blonder
Rabbi Bob
Ellie Brown
Steve and Cara Cap
Allan Carter
Julia Carter
Robin Carlini
Robin Channon
Maddy Chinn
Loni Cohen
Jamie Cosnowsky
Rabbi Cosnowsky
Debbie Cox
Elyse Degen
Marissa DeZara
Robin Dombeck
Gail Farr
Barb Fidlow
Daniel Frankel
Marla Friedman
Elizabeth Gossage
Ellen Gossage
Rachel Hayes
Becca Heisler
Mark Heisler
Shelley Hoey
Brandon Honig
Rob Honig
Heather Hurtado
Mike Kayman
Rachel Lapidus
Sue Leftwich
Steve Levin
Laurie Lopez
Max Lucansky
Robin Lucansky
Ellyn Margulies
Drew Margulis
Mike Marion
Rachel Patterson
Kathy Pena
Paul Prinz
Steve Prinz
Jason Push
Susan Push
Renee Ray
Rick and Susan Rizzo
Amanda Schneeweis
Mark Shapiro
Kathy Shulman
David Sigale
Ellen Simsohn
Bridget Slone
Carolyn Slone
Reuben Slone
Anna Spyrison
Sam Spyrison
Nathan Stadt
Lori Stoakes
Rachelle Stoller
David Titiner
Audrey Tonkinson
Virginia Weiskopf
Janet Widmaier
Uli Widmaier
Rachel Wood
Lainie Wright

In addition, we had so many people who helped out in so many other ways such as making the parking lots in both buildings safe, being room parents, coordinating bagel break, and coordinating snacks, as well as all the volunteers who have staffed all the activities just mentioned.

A special thank you to Diane Roubitchek who has been my assistant again this year. She has made sure that every detail for every program has been covered. She makes sure that every teacher gets what they request and keeps me on track for all programs as well as the day-to-day operation of the school.

If you would like to be a part of the team next year, please let me know.

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