Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County

Development Committee

Mon, 05/14/2012 - 12:00am -- Janet Widmaier

The difficult work of the budget committee during this most recent round of the budget process has brought home to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors the need to focus with intention on the revenue side of our balance sheet. We’ve made a great start this year with the successful “Puttin’ on the Ritz" Fundraiser, and the Ways and Means Committee has committed to increasing their fundraising “nut” for next year. But, it’s important to think beyond that.

I’m delighted to announce that Joel Spenadel has agreed to take on the task of working with me to form a new committee, which we’re currently calling the Development Committee. We are imagining the mission of this committee as being two-fold. First, the Development Committee will serve as a clearinghouse for the various fundraising activities of the congregation. So, for example, if three different committees all want to hold fundraising raffles within the same two month period, Joel and his committee will be able to facilitate communication, to avoid fatiguing our members with too many “asks” at once, and to avoid “clumping” our fundraising efforts and thereby diminishing their effectiveness. Second, the Development Committee is going to take on the task of seeking out new sources of revenue that are external to our membership. For instance, this committee will work to develop knowledge and expertise about grants that may help fund the work of the congregation.

We’ve never before worked in a systematic way to try to generate streams of income outside of dues and school fees, and this will be the project of this new Development Committee. Along with Joel’s excellent leadership, we are fortunate that Carol Meyer has committed to working with the Development Committee. At our first meeting last week, the committee members worked hard both to brainstorm and to figure out how to climb the learning curve in this new venture. This is all brand new, and as we continue to define and refine the mission of the committee, and to learn, I will continue to communicate with you.


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