Principally Speaking, September 2019

Our school has been a busy one this past month! Below are just a few of the activities that have taken place:

Our entire religious school is learning W.O.W. What is W.O.W.? It’s the Hebrew Word of the Week that teaches us something Judaic. The primary grade students and their families have learned “Ah-rone Koe-desh”, Holy Ark, by means of a puppet show! The intermediate and upper grade teachers share the W.O.W. on Sundays with their classes.

Our kindergarten class, taught by Ellen Simsohn, Eliza Stern, and madrichot (teaching assistants) Camryn Saltzman and Avery Livingston us busy preparing for Consecration on October 20th.

Our 9th graders, led by Kim Leffert, Ben Weiskopf, and Uli Widmaier, have begun their stints as madrichim (teaching assistants). This experience helps the students prepare for becoming full-time madrichim in 11th and 12th grades.

And speaking of our fabulous madrichim…we have over twenty 11th and 12th grade students who give up sleeping in on Sunday to work with our students and assist our teachers! We are so thankful for their enthusiasm for and commitment to our Etz Chaim community.

Our 10th grade Tikkun Olam class, taught by Joel Spenadel and Shannon Selbert, delivered Rosh HaShanah meals to the Jewish elderly in Skokie as part of the Ma’ot Chitim program. Kol ha’kavod (all the honor) to our students for performing this mitzvah.

Post-Confirmation Class! An exciting, engaging, new opportunity for our 11th and 12th graders. Class meets monthly for discussion, food, and bonding!

Reminder: If your child needs to leave class early, please send a note to the teacher. Also, for safety reasons, you need to come to the classroom to get your child.

And, though it’s not required, we are grateful when you call or send a message about your child’s absence. The teachers do appreciate the “heads up.”

Gratifying opportunity ahead! I am looking for chug (enrichment activity) volunteers to spend a half hour with our 3rd-7th graders on Sundays. On behalf of our students, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the following “round one” volunteers:

Paula Bernstein, Maxine Mar, Diane Roubitchek, and Anne Stuart: Needlepoint, Crochet, and Weaving

Laura Birnbaum: Puzzle-palooza

Steve Friedman: GaGa

Lorna Helgeland: Team Building

Adam Roubitchek and Larry Schwartz: Board Games

Don Roubitchek and Jordie Trafimow: Chess Club

Zoe Steele: Improv and Drama

Thank you to the many volunteers who support our school in numerous ways.

I wish you all a healthy and sweet new year