Principally Speaking, November 2019

I want to take a bit of space in this month’s bulletin article to let you know how thankful I am to be the religious school principal at Etz Chaim. Working with our staff, engaging with the families, and interacting with our students bring me such joy. I am grateful to all of you who help make this happen.

Below are just a few examples of the learning achieved and connections made over that past weeks:

Our teachers gave parents the opportunity to meet them and hear about the curriculum at the Open House. We also welcomed Naomi Looper, from Camp OSRUI, to talk about the wonderful, life-changing opportunities a summer at camp provides.

Our 5th graders, taught by Lena Benson, Gail Farr, and madrichim Alex Birnbaum and Sam Heinz, have begun forging relationships, through videos and emails, with their Israeli pen pals at the Meged School in Ranana. The students also enjoyed “the best sleepover ever” (per Jack) at their special 5th grade overnight.

Rabbi Bob visited with Jan Widmaier’s 8th grade Holocaust class to lead a discussion on “God and the Holocaust.”

Our 9th graders, along with their teachers, Kim Leffert, Ben Weiskopf, and Uli Widmaier, and CEC’s Jewish War Veterans, went to Oak Ridge Cemetery to place American flags on the graves of Jewish veterans in honor of Veterans Day.

Our 10th grade Tikkun Olam class, taught by Joel Spenadel and Shannon Selbert, went to Lyman Woods to do some fall clean up.

Reminder about the “REMIND” app. If you haven’t signed up for the app, please do. It’s the platform I use for short messages home. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about downloading this free app.

Other reminders: If your child needs to leave class early, please send a note to the teacher. Also, for safety reasons, you need to come to the classroom to get your child.

And, though it’s not required, we are grateful when you call your child’s absence in. The teachers do appreciate the “heads up”.

Thank you to the many volunteers who supported our school in numerous ways during the past several months. These families lent a hand with ensuring our students’ safety in the parking lot and making sure they’re well fed on a Sunday morning!

Todah rabah (many thanks) to the following families:

Cairo, Schwartz, Notarus, Epelbaum, Korvatko, Wills, Werlinsky, Lamkin, Cynamon-Murphy, Herman, Birnbaum, Elgrably, Mattison, Gerard, Casper, Beckmann, Prince, Halperin, Sosnow/Thompson, Roubitchek, Wortsman, Hoey, Eatman, Titiner, Gilbert, Katz, Walsh/Richman, Lewitan, Friedland, Theuman, Sevcik, Uditsky, Martinez, Kayser, Kabaker, Somers, Linson, Blanchette, Rosensteel, Rosenberg, Harap, Turoff, Frewen, Schwarz, Frewen, and Rosenblum.