Stu Soreff Office Fund

Stuart Soreff left Andover, MA for Elmhurst in October of 1987 with his oldest daughter, Michele. He sold the insurance business he had for many years and started a uniform business with his brother-in-law. Upon this move, he wanted to continue with an itinerant office in the Chicagoland area. That didn’t work out, so he bought a packing and shipping business that we both worked there for many years, along with a telephone business where he leased phones to restaurants and the like. When we sold those businesses, Stu then went into the jewelry business and then into a pick up and delivery laundry business. He was certainly an entrepreneur and enjoyed making anything he was involved in a success.

Just after moving to Elmhurst, he got very involved in the synagogue. He particularly enjoyed the Brotherhood and couldn’t understand why their membership was so low. He was encouraged to run for Brotherhood President, knowing that the Brotherhood would really thrive. And it did. He took the membership from 41 to 130+ in just one year. The Sisterhood President was just as anxious for the Sisterhood to thrive, so they got together and every month had a special combined social event that everyone was excited to attend.

Stu also became a member of the synagogue Board. He was very friendly with the office manager, and when the office needed a new copier but lacked the funds, Stu found one and made sure the office got the copier. And that is how his relationship started with the synagogue office. When they needed something, they called on Stu and he delivered.

Stu was very dedicated to the synagogue. He loved helping in any way he could. He was involved in some way during all of his 12 years that he lived here.