Sisterhood Hanukkah Sale

Sisterhood is pleased to announce the first virtual Hanukkah sale!  Since we are unable to come into the Temple, please click here to find all the items we currently have for sale in our catalog pertaining to Hanukkah.

Click here for the Catalogue of Items

Click here for the Order Form

You can email the forms back to and we will process the order and call them for their credit card info and a process it in our Square at that time.

Then arrange a contactless pick up from Ronni Markwell's porch.

Pictures, prices and the order form are available with all the directions on ordering and pickup.  We will not be able to special order any items at this time.

We are working on putting all the other items in the catalog after the first of the year and will let you know when it is completed.

Hanukkah begins on December 10th and we are looking forward to helping you enjoy this very festive holiday.