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Exploring Emotional Sobriety with Mike Stoller

Exploring Emotional Sobriety

When most people think of the word sobriety, they immediately associate it with sobriety from alcohol.  Others might think of sobriety from other addictions like drugs, food, gambling or sex.  However, once someone is sober-meaning they do not drink or do drugs anymore, the real work begins.  This presentation is not for addicts (even though I believe we are all addicted to some extent).  

In this presentation, Michael will address:

Lunchtime Learning with Rabbi Kamil - Want to Watch Torah Tonight?

Rabbi Ricky Kamil will be teaching a class called, “Want to Watch Torah Tonight?” There are many movies which are based on stories from the Bible. The makers of these films studied the source material and had rabbinic consultants. This class will explore these movies and the texts which inspired them. The class will have selected clips from the movies and text sources which help explain the film maker's choices. The movies included will be: Noah, The Red Tent, The Ten Commandments (1956).


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