Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage County


Superhero Shabbat Services

Up, Up, and Away! Wear your favorite superhero costume and come learn how we can be superheroes by observing Shabbat. Whether you recharge at a fortress of solitude, a bat cave, Themyscria, or something with marvel, we all need a day to build ourselves up before heading out into the week. See how the synagogue can help with your own recharging, so you can be the superhero you are. We’ll even include some superhero tunes. Na na na na na na, Shabbat!

"Humanist" Shabbat Service

Humanist Shabbat- Have you ever been distracted from worship by the mention of God as all powerful or all knowing?  Come and experience a service without mention of God.  This provocative experiment in worship is sure to open up dialogue for those whom a belief or mention of a deity presents a problem. Each liturgical piece (song) will be culturally Jewish but not reflective of a belief in God. We will not recite the Shema, nor the usual prayers. However, we will still recite the Mourners Kaddish.


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