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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Upcoming Israeli Election

On September 17th, Israel will be holding a special election to for the Knesset after the election which occurred this past spring failed to create coalition. Confused? You're not alone. Israeli politics is very complicated and this election is very important.
Come to Etz Chaim on Monday, September 9th at 7:00pm to learn about Israeli election and why this one, in particular, is very important for the both the country and Jews in the diaspora.

Senior Sponsored Lunch and Learn Program: Confessions of a Wild Branch to a Cultivated Tree

Please join us for a humble and honest appraisal by Dr. Paull Bischoff, Glen Ellyn Covenant Church, of anti-jewish myths created and perpetuated within Christianity by patriarchs of the church. In addition, he will share what he deems major spiritual and cultural contributions of the Jewish people to world culture, inlcuding major founding documents of the United States, and the need for Chirstians to be Pro-Jewish and Pro-Semetic based on God's covenants. Paul has attened several of our synaogue programs and welcomes questions during and after his talk. 

Glen Ellyn Prayer Breakfast

Ken Siegel to speak

Our very own Ken Seigel will be the speaker at the 2019 Glen Ellyn Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday October 23 at the Abbington Banquets at Butterfield and 53. The program will begin at 7:15 AM and conclude at 9:00 AM. Our theme this year will be: “Health, Healing and Hope in Glen Ellyn.”


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